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Tamica Sears, PCC, PHR, SHRM-CP


Tamica has over 20 years of experience in Human Resources in various industries and Fortune 500 companies. She has coached leaders, teams, and individual contributors. Her focus is on helping leaders gain a better understanding of who they are, their strengths and development opportunities, so they can move forward with authenticity. With this approach, leaders are better equipped to transform organizational cultures to be more innovative and inclusive, enabling teams to be more responsive to environment changes and be more engaged and productive. As an outgrowth of her coaching, leaders accelerate their readiness for larger roles, improving the company’s leadership pipeline.

Tamica has expertise in coaching and developing executives and human resources professionals. Her integrative approach allows her to coach the whole person to help identify key changes they can make in order to achieve their goals. Her direct and authentic approach enables clients to build trust quickly, allowing for fast forward momentum.

Eric Franco, ACC


Eric has over 20 years of experience consulting, coaching and developing leaders across multiple industries and Fortune 500 organizations. He has coached leaders, teams, and individual contributors. He supports individuals and organizations by helping them meet or exceed their goals using coaching and Industrial and Organizational Psychology methods and resources. In addition, Eric currently has a pending trademark on his Introvert H.E.A.R. Model, which has shown to help introverts successfully flex into an extroverted style.

Eric has expertise in leading the entire life cycle of talent including identification, hiring, on-boarding, talent development, accelerating talent, knowledge transfer and retention. His methodical approach, paired with his results driven mindset has helped leaders and organizations thrive.

Kirsty Sayer

Kirsty Sayer is native to South Africa, currently living in Ohio. A mother of five with a background empowering individuals and teams in reaching their goals, she has been a personal trainer, birth doula, motivational speaker, writer, and blogger. As a Certified Life Coach, she specializes in adversity coaching where she skillfully empowers individuals to overcome limiting thoughts and self-sabotaging habits and behaviors. Kirsty will guide you to unlocking your inner strengths, resilience and help you to create a clear vision for the fulfillment of your potential. She coaches with the honesty, empathy, and insight of one who has worked through personal trauma and found a life of great abundance and joy on the other side.

misty batchelder

Misty brings 25 years of experience in change management, human resources, and various operational specialties from research to financial portfolio services.  For 20 of those years, she has held leadership positions in which she supported strategic planning and organizational goal-setting with specific attention to leadership and associate development. Within this approach, all levels of associates understand the overall objectives of the organization as well as their unique and valuable contributions to its success.  This, in turn, fortifies the culture, driving loyalty and retention inside the organization and a strong commitment to client service outside. A natural and beneficial outcome of positive and engaged associates is a strong bench of future leaders, deep intellectual property,  expansive organizational memory, and inspiring organic growth.  Among Misty’s specialties are Organizational, Team, and Individual Change Management consulting and delivery.  She understands the interconnectedness of these levels of change as well as the impacts associated with disruption to the status quo.