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By designing and executing aligned talent strategies, we can help you meet or exceed your goals.


With our expertise and experience, we can help your HR operations  move your business forward faster.


Discover the root cause of what is holding your leaders and your organization back from sustainable success.

HR Consulting 

Our consulting services aim to help the organization move through complex situations and solve problems that previously seemed unsolvable. This includes areas like attrition, engagement, leadership development, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and many others. Our focus is on getting to the root of the issue and addressing the right issue at the right time that will move the organization forward faster and more effectively. This program is especially helpful to organizations who have identified that there are improvements needed but aren’t sure where to start, as we can help identify how to prioritize the actions to be most beneficial to the organization and its people.

Human resources consulting  services

strategic planning

  • The value of our strategic planning package is it aligns individual contributors up to senior leadership teams on the direction and priorities of the organization. Strategic planning is crucial for a business as it creates a map for a business to follow and course correct when need be. We firmly believe the best way to create value for an organization is through having a long-term perspective on operations and that a road map (i.e., a strategic plan). 


    • 2-3 Day onsite/offsite/retreats/workshops
    • Full Strategic Plan Development


organizational assessments

Our three-step Organizational Assessment is used to determine the health of the organization and discover the root cause of people issues in the organization. We then create recommendations and action plans for change.

To get an idea of where your company is, please complete our RIRT Organizational Assesssment Survey.

What is our process?

  • Establish timelines, get stakeholder alignment, create change management plans
  • Full assessment of the organization’s policies, processes, and procedures
  • Analyzed results and full briefing and recommendations/action plan for improvement

organizational design, development, and effectiveness

Discover and eliminate the root cause of the employee engagement issues in the organization, then design and implement organizational structure, processes, and programs necessary to create sustainable improvement in employee engagement.


  • Full Organizational Assessment
  •  Customized Action Plan
  • Full Program Management and Implementation 
  • Sustainability Plan
  • Package includes 12 HR for HR sessions

    Fractional HR

    In between HR leaders? A startup that needs to create the HR function? We can help. We provide fractional HR services to get you on track.

    inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility

    idea consulting services

    Our IDEA program is a full systems approach to help organizations maximize the potential of their workforce, and it helps the employees feel wanted, heard, seen, and valued. In a study conducted by McKinsey & Company in partnership with The Society for Human Research Management (SHRM), evaluated the performance of companies with different levels of workplace diversity. They found that companies that exhibit gender and ethnic diversity are, respectively, 15% and 35% more likely to outperform less diverse peers. The same study found that organizations with more racial and gender diversity bring in more sales revenue, more customers and higher profits.”

    Our program, which focuses on inclusion, is broken into 3 pieces that can be acquired together as a full package or as separate pieces.

    Inclusion Organizational Assessment

    The first step of most engagements is an assessment. This particular process allows us to discover and eliminate the root cause of employee inclusion issues in the organization. This process typically includes a web assessment, focus groups, and a deep dive into your internal policies and processes. This data is analyzed and reported to you with recommendations.

    The first step is to take our free RIRT Organizational Assessment Survey.


    Action plan customization

    With your input, we work with you to put together an internal project team, and determine your desired future state. We then determine goals and metrics, and prioritize and plan each project that is recommended based on the results of your organizational assessment.

    implementation and sustainment

    We project manage all of the program implementations, working alongside the HR team and the newly created project team in your organization using change management tools to help ensure sustainability.

    Programs implemented may include but aren’t limited to: Leadership Development, Career Pathing, Mentoring, Successions, Onboarding, HRIS Upgrades, Exit Interviews, Stay Interviews, Coaching Programs.

    We then create a sustainability plan with a timeline for action and check-ins by HR and leaders in your organization. As an added bonus to help make sure the changes are fully integrated, the full package includes 12 HR for HR sessions

    Group coaching session

    Coaching Services

    Are you looking to develop top talent? Trying to drive towards organizational success? Do you want to reward your high potential employees while helping them move forward in your organization faster? Would you like for your newly hired leaders to hit the ground running?

    We can do that!


    Group and one one one Coaching Services

    3, 6, 9, and 12 month 1: 1 coaching programs

    • New Leader Coaching
    • Performance Coaching
    • Change Management Coaching
    • Executive Coaching
    •  IDEA Coaching
    • HR for HR Coaching

    All coaching programs include a 360 Leadership Assessment.


    3, 6, 9, and 12 month group coaching programs

    • Monthly  Group Sessions
    • Monthly 1:1 Sessions
    • HR for HR Coaching

    All group coaching programs include a 360 Leadership Assessment. 

    Leadership Development

    Our leadership development programs are inclusive, down-to-earth, and effective.  From new leaders to top execs, we help them collaborate effectively and work as a cohesive team. Our programs are created to move leaders from good, to great, to exceptional. We offer a myriad of services from standalone workshops to e-learning, to full programs rolled out in cohorts.

    Leadership development services

    The 5 Behaviors and everything disc workshops

    • The 5 Behaviors – Helps intact teams become high-performing teams by becoming more cohesive and collaborative
    • Catalyst – An introduction to DiSC style and communication types
    • Work of Leaders – Helps leaders who want to increase their leadership competencies as well as communication skills 
    • Productive Conflict – Teaches employees learn how to resolve conflicts in ways that help drive results
    • Agile EQ – This workshop dives deeper into emotional intelligence and teaches how to take an agile approach to workplace interactions
    • Sales-Introduces DiSC to sales teams so that they learn their sales style and to identify the styles needed to best meet their customer needs
    Each of these workshops comes with access to the Catalyst system which allows everyone in the organization who has completed an assessment to compare DiSC styles and continue their learning journey.

    Virtual Training

      We provide in-person and interactive virtual training, and our LMS has over 100 soft skills courses to help your leaders learn at their own pace. 

      Subjects Include:

      • Personal Branding
      • Creative Problem Solving
      • Hiring Strategies
      • Unconscious Bias
      • Leading Remote Teams
      • Being a Likeable Boss
      • Employee Recognition
      • Coaching as a Leader
      • Budgets and Financial Reports
      • Virtual Team Building
      • Talent and Performance Management

      Signature Training Program

      Our signature program’s curriculum is based on the book “How To Tell If You’re An A**Hole Boss.” The training is lighthearted and made to last. There are three levels (A**Hole Boss, Middle Manager, and Kick A** Leader), and each level takes about 6 months to complete. 

      This program is delivered in cohorts and combines classroom/zoom training with group coaching. 

      Group coaching session

      WHEN YOU engage the corporate fixers, YOU CAN EXPECT:


      We aren’t yes men. We will thoroughly assess the situation, diagnose the problems, identify root cause, suggest solutions, and when necessary implement them with precision.


      We are proud of our team, our accomplishments, and our ability to do great things. With us comes decades of subject matter expertise, competence, and experience. 


      We are here for your needs. Our team does what you need, we can focus on one project or multiple projects at once. Truly, our goal is to make you successful.


      We are accountable to you and you are accountable to us. We provide methods, materials, and a wide range of human resources expertise. You are the subject matter expert when it comes to your organization. We are in this together. 


      Career Development

      career path design

      Help your employees understand what competencies, values, and behaviors they need to advance their career.

      succession planning

       Design a strategic talent roadmap that identifies the skills, and people, needed for the future success of your organization. 

      hr for hr

      Even HR teams need career development and growth. We help move HR teams from compliance cops to strategic business partners.

      Organizational development

      organizational design

      We work with you to create, or re-create, the foundation of your organization. Your principles, practices, polices, and processes.

      Compensation & Benefits

      We can help you with the design and development of pay grades, incentives, and bonus programs, and employee benefits.

      Employee Experience

      We make compliance easy because we focus on giving your employees the best experience possible.

      Tools & Technology

      Survey Tools

      We can design and implement employee surveys. From engagement to inclusion, we can help you understand where you stand.

      HRIS implementaton

      With a wide range of HRIS knowledge, we can help you select and implement the right technology for your organization.

      remote friendly

      Becoming more remote/hybrid savvy with asynchronous learning and communication can be your competitive advantage.

      Most consulting engagements begin with an organizational assessment, and while the price can vary, assessments start at $10,000 for companies under 100 employees.