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Employee Tracker

It’s vitally important that you know what motivates everyone on your team, what their career goals are, and that you keep track of feedback that you’ve given them. If your current HRIS doesn’t have this capability, here is an easy to use spreadsheet to help you with that.

Skills Assessment

One of the worst things that you can do is put the wrong people in the wrong place. Want to avoid doing that? Start by doing a skills assessment of the people on your teams. You will save time and money by using this skills assessment template to help keep you on track.

Succession Planning

Want to sleep better at night without worrying about what might happen if a key team member retires or leaves the company? Succession planning is the key.   Use this succession planning template to make sure that you are prepared for anything. 

Onboarding Toolkit

Is your onboarding offputting? This toolkit will help you put your best foot forward and make sure that you are starting every employee experience off right. Want access? Book a call and it’s yours.