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How to Attract and Retain Top Talent

How to Attract and Retain Top Talent

Think that the labor market has shifted, and you no longer have to worry about employee engagement? Think again! Your top talent can, and will leave if you don’t take the right steps to attract and retain them. So how do you keep your best employees? From leaning into bespoke packages to promising a solid development program, here are nine answers to the question, “If you could only choose one thing, what would you choose as the best way to attract and retain employees?”

  • Show You Care With a Bespoke Benefits Package
  • Have a Strong Company Culture 
  • Offer PTO and Work Remotely
  • Provide Continuity in the Recruitment Process
  • Use Modern Technologies
  • Cultivate Respect
  • Create a Positive and Nurturing Work Environment
  • Build a Strong Employer Brand
  • Commit to Employee Development

Show You Care With a Bespoke Benefits Package

One of the best things to do to not only attract but, more importantly, retain employees, is to truly show that you care about them with a bespoke benefits package centered on caring for their health and wellbeing. It’s no longer enough to provide a generic benefits package that does the bare minimum… show employees you’re serious about retaining them with a benefits package that is fair.

Wendy Makinson, HR Manager, Joloda Hydraroll


Offer PTO and Remote Work Options

I would argue that offering generous time-off policies and flexible work arrangements can be a powerful way to attract and retain employees, particularly among the new generations who prioritize work-life balance and value their free time. In this sense, I would propose offering at least three weeks of paid time off (PTO) to all employees, as well as the possibility to work remotely. This would allow employees to have more control over their schedule, save time that would otherwise be wasted commuting to the office, and balance their personal and professional responsibilities more effectively.  Moreover, offering a flexible work environment can contribute to a more positive workplace culture, as it signals a level of trust and autonomy to employees. This can translate into greater job satisfaction, engagement, and motivation, which can ultimately lead to improved productivity and retention rates.

Luciano Colos, Founder and CEO, PitchGrade

Provide Continuity in the Recruitment Process

Some companies have excellent recruitment and onboarding programs, but once new employees get into their roles, they are left wondering what happened. The opposite is often true. Companies may have an excellent employee culture, but that doesn’t show up during the recruitment process. Instead, companies should look at their employee journey holistically. It should start with the very first piece of content that’s put out there for candidates to see and stay consistent once they’ve been a part of the company for an extended period. People don’t want surprises with work. Show them what they’ll get from the start.

Kelli Anderson, Career Coach, Resume Seed

Have a Strong Company Culture 

The best method of attracting and retaining employees is creating, maintaining, and marketing a strong company culture. A culture that clearly communicates the company’s mission, values, and goals and cultivates an environment that lends to flexibility, open feedback, opportunities for personal and professional growth, and employee recognition. A positive, inclusive, and engaging work environment that aligns with the values and goals of employees leads to better employee satisfaction and engagement and improved talent acquisition and employer brand.

Letticia Pierrez, Recruiting Manager, Robert Half

Use Modern Technology

35% of employees in the world believe that their job is harder than it should be because of obsolete processes and technologies. Today, most companies leverage technologies in business processes because it makes the work of employees easier and faster. For example, AI chatbots improve customer experience, employee management tools reduce manual work, and online meeting tools help employees to work effectively from their homes or wherever they want to work from. So, if your company doesn’t use modern technologies, it’s difficult to retain employees. Likewise, technology helps to streamline job applications, background checks, virtual interviewing, and virtual onboarding. Technology has already changed the way companies recruit. It speeds up interviewing and onboarding new talent. According to a survey, 9 out of 10 recruiters felt excited about working with new technologies. So, it helps keep both employees and employers motivated.

Saikat Ghosh, Associate Director of HR and Business, Technource

Cultivate Respect

The best way to attract and keep employees is to have an excellent reputation as an employer. If your business is known for respecting its workers, supporting them, and helping them grow, that will get around. While other factors do impact employee retention, a study by BetterUp Labs found that employees who feel excluded in the workplace represent a 50% greater risk of turnover. Most people are ultimately looking for a positive and respectful workplace; so, if you want to keep top talent, that’s what you need to provide.

Josh Weiss, Founder and CEO, Reggie

Create a Positive and Nurturing Work Environment

Offer your employees a positive and nurturing work environment where they feel heard, seen, respected, and supported. Establish a workplace culture where open communication and transparency are the norms, and where collaboration is actively encouraged. Also, prioritize real-time feedback and rewards to motivate your employees and make them feel appreciated.

Will Baker, Founder, Skirtings R Us

Build a Strong Employer Brand

In today’s competitive job market, it’s essential to have a strong employer brand to attract and retain the best employees. A company’s employer brand is the reputation it has as a place to work, and it’s an essential factor in a candidate’s decision to apply for a job and an employee’s decision to stay with the company. Employer branding efforts can include initiatives such as employee engagement programs, flexible work arrangements, competitive compensation packages, and opportunities for professional growth and development.

Lilia Koss, Community Manager, Facialteam

Commit to Employee Development

Show that your company is committed to developing and growing its employees and team. Salary is no longer the primary motivator in the competitive environment of the 21st century. Employers who offer a benefits package to their employees are more likely to attract and retain them. Employees seem to thrive on improvement, growth, and progress, so mention this as a priority in your job descriptions.

Marco Genaro Palma, Co-founder, TechNews180

If you need help implementing things like this at your organization, we can help!

Written by Tamica Sears

April 20, 2023

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